1. Frequently Asked Questions

    2. Q: IS it a portable software?
      A:  YES! You don't need to install the software. Simply copy it onto your USB flash drive and run it!

    3. Q: Is the protection like those in an password protected ZIP-file?
      A:  NO, as password protected ZIP-files is rather weak and tools that can 'recover' (crack) these passwords are widely available! Our encryption/protecting is using AES and it is much more powerful to protect sensitive data than those used for password protected ZIPs.

    4. Q: What is AES? Is it strong enough to protect my data?
      A:  AES stands for Advanced Encryption Standard. AES is a symmetric key encryption technique which will replace the commonly used Data Encryption Standard (DES). AES provides strong encryption and has been selected by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard in November 2001 (FIPS-197), and in June 2003 the U.S. Government (NSA) announced that AES is secure enough to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level.

    5. Q: How do I protect from “keylogger” / hacker when typing in my password?
      A:  Press ALT+K to open the Windows on-screen keyboard to type the password, this is particularly useful if you suspect that there is a keylogger installed on the computer you're using on computers in public.

    6. Q: I have forgot my password, you can help me?
      A: NO. You are responsible for remembering the password that you used when locking your USB drive with USafekey. We cannot tell you what your password is if you forget it and we have no method for retrieving lost or forgotten passwords. The only thing you can do is to reformat the USB drive.

    7. Q: At home the program works but in the office's PC doesn't works, why?
      A:  Firstly, verify in the office's PC the existence of the folder "c:\users\public" (if don't exists, must be created as a public folder). Otherwise try to type the command line "x:\usafekey x:\unlock" or "x:\usafekey x:\lock" where "x:" is the drive letter of your pen drive. 
      Remember to check if Antivirus or Firewall blocks the program. 
      This tip is only valid for the version 2.1 or higher.

    8. Q: Windows will not let me format my drive in FAT32, how I can do?
      A:  Don't worry, goes to download a free utility (of third parties) to format your drive to FAT32. When you run it, Windows will ask you if you want to run the file. Click yes. It will ask you if you want to allow it to have (Admin) access to your computer. Click yes. The program will start. Select a drive to format. Click Start. Your drive should be formatted in a few seconds.

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